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Are you struggling with the temperature inside your home or workplace? Serving residential and commercial customers for over a decade, Weathershield Air Conditioning has been servicing the Dade and Broward area keeping our customers and their loved ones comfortable all year long.

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Keeping You & Yours Comfortable in the Hottest of Weather

We understand that AC is essential. When the air conditioner goes on the fritz at your home or business, everything grinds to a halt. It is difficult to do anything around the house or to motivate employees to work or customers to come into your business. When you have problems keeping your home cool, reach out to us for air condition service.

Our skilled technicians have the proper training and lots of experience troubleshooting the problem and coming up with a reliable fix. We work on all brands of air conditioners and all types, too. As our technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks, we are sure to have the supplies that are needed to make the repairs on the spot, returning you and yours to cool comfort.

AC Installation Saves You Money on Power Bills

Is your AC system more than 10 to 15 years old? That is the average life span for this equipment, so when you are approaching this time frame you may notice that your central AC system is just not kicking out the cool air like it used to. There are many signs that serve as red flags for air conditioning installation. These include age, uneven temperatures, frequent and costly repairs, and strange noises.

Give us a call to see if your air conditioner can be repaired or if it is too worn to be saved. Let us provide you with an honest answer and a free estimate. One of the biggest benefits of getting a new AC for your home or business is the energy savings that you realize. Today’s air conditioners are made to operate at maximum efficiency to save you money.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your AC Operating Efficiently

To keep your AC in peak operating condition, we recommend regular maintenance. Before it gets warm, reach out to us for preventive maintenance. We check the fluids and inspect the working parts so you are prepared for the high temperatures that come with Florida summers. Just like with your car, preventive maintenance extends the working life of your AC and keeps it from breaking down on the hottest day of the year.

Contact us today for AC repair, installation, and maintenance. Located in Pembroke Park, Florida, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Broward and Dade counties.